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About Us

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BIDA speaks with the collective voice of industrial design consultancies and design-driven companies, to champion the strategic and economic benefits of design to businesses and government. Together we aim to inform policy, create opportunities for our members’ and promote better design education and practice.


We are the British Industrial Design Association


We are a network of businesses, freelancers and academics dedicated to supporting the growth of our industry through the power of our unified voice. We recognise the proven and measurable success Industrial Design has brought our national economy. Using the power of our membership, we showcase the inherent strategic and commercial benefits of design to businesses and government; driving for change that will benefit both our community and the economy.

Empowerment through Accreditation

Companies that have a consistent record producing great work have the opportunity to be recognised by BIDA. Accreditation is our benchmark for excellent design. Setting this high standard creates opportunities for our members and gives clients confidence in their decision to hire them. By setting this high standard, we push our industry to improve, innovate and strive for excellence.

International Opportunities

We use our collective voice to champion the clear strategic and commercial benefits industrial design has on the UK economy.

The international community recognises the positive impact design has on our nation’s competitiveness. This global reputation for generating consistent commercially successful innovation puts us in a unique position on the international stage. In a fast moving globalised economy, we are constantly evaluating changes within the British and international Industrial Design communities. Through programmes like the ‘British Industrial Design Export Initiative,’ we co-operate with businesses and government to facilitate positive change and create new opportunities abroad.



Our ethos is strongly tied to creating opportunities for the next generation of designers. As the design field continues to grow and adapt to a rapidly changing marketplace, design education needs to keep pace. BIDA’s Education Special Interest Group plays an active role in guiding schools and universities to create effective design programmes. We work to ensure courses develop skills which are closely aligned with the needs of industry practitioners.

With hundreds of courses to choose from young designers are overwhelmed with choice. We work hard to combat misinformation and protect students from sub-standard education. Resources like the ‘BIDA Employability Survey 2017,’ reveals which courses produce the most employable designers, empowering young designers to make informed decisions about their education.

The Education Group is led by Stephen Green from Imperial College. Stephen is a BIDA Board member and has many years’ experience in commercial design.

Connection and Collaboration

We connect and collaborate with partner organisations that sits in parallel to our industry. We showcase experienced manufacturers, prototypes, electrical engineers that are recommended by our membership. Using our partner directory you can find approved and reliable companies that can collaborate with you, to optimise your project.