Why join BIDA?

BIDA is the collective voice of the professional industrial design sector. We promote the interests of members to clients, government and other stakeholders.

BIDA aims to inform policy and help advance members' careers and businesses, promote better design education and practice.

Benefits include regular meetings, advice from peers, collective action on matters of interest, a newsletter and discounts on partner events. 

To help clients and employers identify the best individuals and teams, applications for BIDA professional and graduate (ProBIDA and GradBIDA) membership are assessed by experienced designers.  

The process

Anyone with an interest in design can apply for affiliate membership.  Please use the online application form below, choosing a monthly or annual payment method.

Candidates with over 15 years post-graduate work experience can use the form to apply for ProBIDA status.  Experienced designers can join without interview, after review by BIDA's membership group.

Applicants for GradBIDA (<5 years experience) and ProBIDA (>5 years experience) should also complete the form.  You'll initially become affiliate members.  We'll arrange an informal presentation of two case studies to a membership group, in person or via Skype.

The format is not like a traditional interview.  Everyone has the opportunity to learn from each other's approaches, to network and constructively critique.  We look for creativity, empathy, clear communication and above all real innovation and skill in your work.

BIDA uses the UK National Occupational Standard for Industrial Design Practice to identify creativity, problem solving, relevant skills and good practice.   This flexible, benchmark was developed by BIDA members and, the government's skills agency, UK Creative and Cultural Skills. Criteria include product, service and interaction design practice, including research, education and management. 

Groups of members in consultancy, in-house or educational courses (or sole traders) canpromote their organisation with ProTeamBIDA membership.  Team membership unlocks discounts on group subscriptions.

We also enable affiliates to promote organisations offering services to members via organisational affiliate membership.

BIDA Membership

Annual fees are:

£100 for a graduate (GradBIDA) - under 5 years work experience.

£152 for an professional individual (ProBIDA) - 5+ years work experience

£100 for an affiliate 

£250 + £100 per member of any grade, for groups of members (ProTeamBIDA).  Teams must have at least one ProBIDA member.  ProTeam BIDA members are promoted on the "Find an Industrial Design Team" page.    

£250 + £100 per member for groups of members (Affiliate).   This category is ideal organisations that wish to promote their services to BIDA members.  Affiliate teams can have prominent promotion under a "Partners" page

Pay online, by Direct Debit or as a card payment and BIDA offers a discount.  The link is at the bottom of the application form.  Please remember to submit a form for each team member applying to join.   

BIDA is the best way to play a part in the development of your profession, help grow your business, and raise the profile and impact of Industrial Design in the economy.


Click here to download the BIDA membership brochure

Brochure PDF

Application form and payment setup

Click here to download the BIDA membership form - we need one application for each individual joining.

Organisations can pay for a whole team's subscription, or individuals can pay separately.  The payment link is at the end of the form.

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