BIDA Industrial Design graduate employability survey 2017 results

BIDA’s graduate employability survey once again confirms the value of industry links with a top 5 colleges all having placement schemes and longstanding industry networks. This group includes, in rank order, Loughborough, Brunel, De Montfort, Northumbria and UAL (Central St Martins).

Loughborough and Brunel University in 1st and 2nd place were each selected by over 40% of the total participants. 

A recruiter comments on graduates from this group: “(they have all had) 1 year’s industry experience within an in-house team for a big brand or a consultancy environment. They have a good design process, good sketching and CAD abilities. Have strong sensitivity/passion for user experience, CMF and the latest trends/technologies.” 

A further group of Universities receiving multiple endorsements includes: Nottingham Trent, Coventry, Ravensbourne, Sheffield Hallam, Bournemouth and Glasgow School of Art. 

There’s a long tail tail of a further 45 Universities with either a very few, or no votes. 

BIDA invited our industry to select up to 5 Universities which their experience suggests produce the most employable graduates for industrial design roles. There were a total of 206 participants, many providing detailed comments. The overall results closely match the earlier 2015 survey. 

BIDA is currently conducting a nationwide series of visits to design courses, pairing BIDA members with Universities keen to provide their ID students with extra industry expertise and insights through talks and advice sessions. 

BIDA Chairman Steve May-Russell comments “Our motivation is to raise awareness of the factors which distinguish the very best of UK design education to support the development of future generations of Industrial designers with the right skills. Well done to our top 10!”