Proud to Support Youth Made U.K.


At BIDA, supporting design education is core to our ethos. We are excited to announce our partnership with Youth Made U.K. as our next step in helping to foster a creative and opportunity rich future for design students.

Youth Made U.K. aims to bring together the best of U.K. Design & Manufacturing industries and Design & Technology departments in U.K. schools to help contextualise the subject for students and ensure we are equipping students with the skills, knowledge and understanding required in industry now and in the future.

Partnerships can be formed in a number of ways, from expert help, live briefs, competitions, internships and much more. There is no cost, no commitment, just industry and schools helping each other when they can, with what they can, to help nurture the next generation of U.K. Designers, Engineers and Innovators.

You can read more about Youth Made U.K. and their mission via their website.